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Sword Art Online



I had to find the right picture for this theme, so I decided to use the art from the album for Sword Art Online’s first opening.  I was really fun to make you know :D.


Author: Namiichi

I'm a 16 year girl who is a casual anime watcher and manga reader. I don't watch every anime in the world but I watch 3-5 animes per season. Despite being a anti-social person in real life, I'm a really a talkative person online if you know me though. lol

10 thoughts on “Sword Art Online

  1. Nice God job for doing this!

  2. It’s cool but your mediafire account got suspended and now I can’t download it. can you give me another link?

  3. My apologies for not seeing the download link :) i got it
    Thank you :)!

  4. i hope it have a continuation of the story.

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