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Rikka (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)




Sorry for the not uploading anything for 4+ months. This was caused by lack of inspiration and being busy with other things. Sorry, sorry, and sorry again. I want to do themes for the spring anime that’s already started, can’t find any good pics to use yet…


Requests Combo Pack: Shu and Inori (Guilty Crown) and Naoto (Persona 4)

DL for Shu and Inori:

DL for Naoto:

Source picture  for Shu and Inori:

Shu and Inori requested by: Zellos

Naoto requested by: Toxik Berry

Yeah I finished both of them today. The hold up was because moving everything to another file sharing service is hard (LOL). So far everything is upload, I just have to edit the posts with the new links. Enjoy




Requests Combo Pack: AmericaxEngland [Hetalia] and Hikaru no Go

DL America x England [Hetalia]:

DL Hikaru no Go:

America x England [Hetalia] requested by: mickeyelles

Hikaru no Go requested by: Alisha Miller

I’m so sorry for the long delays for the requests (and I have one left to do). But here are the first two requests in the my backlog. I finally got back in the mood. But man the adjustment to the new house took longer than I expected. When I moved I had no internet for one week and the certain internet company came and I got internet. This past Thursday, the internet line got cut accidentally by the lawn cutter person (so I end up missing the premiere of K project, Btooom!, Code Breaker) . I just got back internet today and after a marathon of anime I had missed, I finally got into the mood of making themes again. I am so dearly sorry of the long delays and hopefully you won’t get angry and stuff.




[Request] Just listening to my music



Requested by: uzumakininde. I finished this around three days ago, but I caught the plague (aka the cold) at school because everyone was sick, even the teachers. I was tired and weak from that and the medicine I’m taking, so I couldn’t do much besides doing the little homework I had. Other than that, I think I made a good theme even if it was made while I was in the peak of my sickness.


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Tiger and Bunny



Sorry for the long wait -_-… I was busy playing video games in my summer break lol. I decided to make the frame a little different by editing Kotetsu and Barnaby in. I was going to do something like this for an earlier theme, but I was lazy. Because of  the many adjustment made to fit my computer, this theme is recommended for screen res 1600×900 and higher.